About a culture | Como agradecer lo que me ha dado la vida

“Where did you learn to dance?” was more of an interjection than a question from both friends and strangers who were shocked when I jumped to the rhythm of the old Cuban song I love. Expecting that I would respond with the name of some local dance studio, I could not help but smile, stumped, […]

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Other Carnivals

The candombe tradition of Montevideo, Uruguay may not be so well-known as other Carnivals, but it might just be one of the most authentic.
photos and text by Nacho Hammad

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Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro

Já gostei mais de Carnaval. Já fiz tudo que eu tinha direito de fazer na maior festa popular. Mesmo assim, não resisti pelo menos um bloco querido: a tradicionalíssima BANDA DA CONCEIÇÃO, no bucólico morro da Zona Portuária.

I used to love Carnaval.  I’ve had more than my fill of them over the years, but I decided to go to at least one of my most beloved street parties: the very traditional BANDA DA CONCEIÇÃO, on one of the oldest hilltops in Rio de Janeiro.

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