ā•multiplicity is a collection of the writing, observance and photography of Ricky Toledano.

Literary fiction, essays and translations reflect his study of Vedanta, the timeless knowledge from India that this native of Chicago and son of a Mexican artist inadvertently encountered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he has lived and worked eclectically as a language instructor, chef, yoga teacher, and translator of English/Spanish/Portuguese for some of the nation’s top academics and professionals since 1995.

His books include the translations of Padma Shri award-winning author and Vedanta teacher, Gloria Arieira. In 2016, The Bhagavadgita: the dialogue between Krsna and Arjuna was published by one of India’s oldest and most renowned publishing houses of Indology, Motilal Banarsidass (MLBD). In 2021, Gloria Ariera and Ricky Toledano released their The Yoga of Plenitude: The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

Some of Ricky Toledano’s most recent work inlcudes The Untaken Frame, published by Jaggery, the literary journal of South Asia, and The Assassination of João Gordo featured in Terrain.org

In Sanskrit, the prefix a makes a word negative, or its opposite — a construct that still survives today in words like anormal or atypical. Therefore, ā•multiplicity is a dedication to that which remains singular, constant, and indivisible, despite all apparent variety within an individual or among people.

“My head is in the US; my heart is in México; my body is in Brazil; and my soul is in India.”