Wall of knowledge – Todo meu conhecimento

O senhor vai botar ai todo o seu conhecimento então?” Pleasantly surprised,  I asked him if he would fill the entire wall with his knowledge.

Eu já fiz isso em São Paulo. É que gosto muito de ler…geografia, história, línguas. Adoro livros!” he responded, telling me he had done so before in São Paulo and that he likes to read alot about geography, history and languages — and he loves books!

Eu também,” I smiled, giving him an encouraging me-too. Itching to drop everything, I wanted to run and grab a pen to start scribbling everything I know on the wall.

[Que vontade de parar tudo, pegar uma caneta e começar a escrever tudo que sei no tapume!]

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A native of Chicago, Ricky Toledano has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for over twenty years as a writer, translator and teacher. [a]multipicity is multi-lingual collection of reflections through the humanities.

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