The Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires


As one of the two most visited cemetaries in the world, it could only become yet another cliché to follow Paris.

However, I don’t have the unending struggle — either internal or external — against cliché that bothers others to insanity. I think I might have more pressing fights to deal with.

And it might be that there are things that are worth repeating, especially in black and white.

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A native of Chicago, Ricky Toledano has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for over twenty years as a writer, translator and teacher. [a]multipicity is multi-lingual collection of reflections through the humanities.

3 thoughts on “The Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires

  1. dear Ricky, what an interesting post 🙂 some years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Buenos Aires and discover Recoleta cemetary 🙂 I took some time there to take photos, walk around… and play with the local cats eheh keep on working, you have here a great project 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL


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