The Bhagavadgita | e-book

It is with great pleasure I announce the e-book version of my translation of the Bhagavadgita by Padma Shri award-winning author and Vedanta teacher, Gloria Arieira:

Overcome by self-doubt, a great warrior collapses just before the immense battle on the plain of Kuruksetra, posing a question to his charioteer about what is best: to take action or to renounce it?

It is as if there was an interruption in the epic story of the Mahabharata, which pauses dramatically for the dialogue between the teacher, Sri Krsna, and his disciple, Arjuna, which is known as the Bhagavadgita. This dialogue has been handed down as part of the oral Vedic tradition in an unbroken line of knowledge for more than 5000 years. Yet despite such antiquity, Arjuna’s questions remain just as relevant today, because the human sense of insufficiency and desire for fulfillment are timeless.

Fortunately for Arjuna, and for all of us, the solution is also timeless. Sri Krsna teaches him the knowledge about the ultimate truth of the Self, the essential nature of the human being, covering the topics of dharma (appropriate action to fulfill what must be done) and yoga (to do so unmoved by the results of such action), while keeping a vision of Isvara (the Cause and the Order that is the Universe) in order to attain moksa, final liberation from the human sense of limitation. With an unwavering dedication to the original Sanskrit and to the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, Gloria Arieira unfolds the beauty and clarity of the message that is the Bhagavadgita, the very knowledge of the Self that removed Arjuna’s confusion, allowing him to rise to his feet once again.

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A native of Chicago, Ricky Toledano has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for over twenty years as a writer, translator and teacher. [a]multipicity is multi-lingual collection of reflections through the humanities.

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